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How to choose and buy a DSLR Camera

How to choose and buy a DSLR Camera

DSLR camera is a camera that is designed specifically for those who want to pursue the world of photography. However, the price of this camera is expensive and also difficult operation. Many camera options available in the market. To the deep pockets, camera high-end DSLR can still be purchased. Considering the price is really expensive, prospective buyers should really teiliti when choosing a DSLR camera. Wrong choice means a great loss. Consider the following interesting tips for selecting the right camera as needed.


Camera brands also determine the quality and features of a DSLR camera itself. Consumers also tend to have more confidence in a particular brand that has been experienced for many years. They also do not easily believe in the brand new appeared on the market. Canon DSLR cameras and Nikon DSLR cameras are well known brands that have been proven quality. Each company also has a service center that will allow consumers to search for solutions to the problems they find. Try to choose a particular brand of camera service center location is not too far from where you live.


What do you want from a DSLR camera? You want to try something new or really want to pursue the world of photography? If you want to seriously pursue this world. Buy a camera that actually qualified even though they're expensive. However, you do not have to force yourself to buy expensive cameras are not in accordance with the budget. If you just want to experiment, the camera usually only be resold when you need money. Different lifestyle needs. Often people spend a lot just as excessive lifestyle demands or to buy something that is not any good.


Determine the DSLR camera features truly fit the needs. Not all features can be fully utilized by the user. Decide which features you want first. In general, DSLR camera designed specifically for novice or professional photographers can take advantage of all the features in the camera. You also need to consider the size of the camera sensor. Do you choose full frame, APS-C or Four-Thirds. In contrast to ordinary digital camera, megapixel size is not an important factor. Category sensor precedence over the sensor size. Crop Factor is the factor that distinguishes one type of sensor DSLR cameras. Determine the sensor size cameras capture area. Never forget antishake system on the camera. This feature will be very useful to prevent blurred images. Beginner may not be able to hold the camera properly so the hand movements affecting the image quality.


Speed ​​DSLR cameras in capturing a particular object can be a very important factor for a good photographer beginner or an expert. Will focus speed is very usefull when you are photographing a moving object such as a car or a bird. Keep in mind that the more expensive the camera, the better the speed.

Size and Weight

Do you love to travel with the camera to capture a particular moment during the journey? Choose a camera that is lightweight and comfortable to carry. If the camera is too heavy, this is definitely going to disrupt travel. Nikon D60 is a practical and lightweight option.


Choosing a DSLR camera is the 'job' is very difficult for beginners. There are so many features and advantages of DSLR that is not known by the layman. If you are new in the world of photography, ask for recommendations from friends nearby who have never used a DSLR camera. The most practical way is to read product reviews that can be accessed easily on the internet. Some commonly used brand is Nikon DSLR cameras and Canon DSLR cameras

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