Jumat, 21 November 2014

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Becoming an "it girl" on Instagram

It isn't a secret that Instagram's success is unstoppable in fact it is related to countless areas. The photographer's social networking has moved beyond just about any borders in fact it is nowadays an essential tool for that everyday life of companies and users alike of the whole planet. But Instagram is a lot more in fact it is an unstoppable machine that constantly creates fashion and trends. Does anybody remember terms like selfie or pornfood?

Once we focus on trends on Instagram, we quickly take into consideration fashion. And when we focus on fashion on Instagram, we not just consider the great brands in the market, but additionally an expanding phenomenon that has with this social media its most critical expression: the it girls or even the girls that produce trends.

An it girl is a girl which has "something". Some of them say that they were born with that "something" among others claim that people can also learn to have style. The phrase it girl was popularized the first time in 1927 with all the movie "It" and its creator, Elinor Glyn, claimed that it was a term that revealed that someone had "more personality than the most".

In this particular globalised world, the it girls have realized on Instagram the perfect spot to present themselves, their pictures in addition to their clothes to the world. Some of them had already reached their fair share of glory making use of their blogs, but Instagram has become a true gift for these kinds of girls since it is a more effective showcase than Twitter or Facebook have ever been.

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